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This paper outlines five anomalous ship behaviours: deviation from standard routes, unexpected AIS activity, unexpected port arrival, close approach, and zone entry
A variety of
To test the proposed approach, a hypothetical port was designed
These diverse subsystems constitute the Port Infrastructure System (PIS) and have intricate functional interdependencies
The CSO and Master should review the threat/risk assessments and update plans as necessary; including the Ship Security Assessment (SSA), Ship Security Plan (SSP) and Vessel Hardening Plans (VHP) and implement any new measures
Thu May 4 2023 - 13:06
Jun 8, 2020 · (2) The Office of International and Domestic Port Security Assessment (CG-PSA) is responsible for policy, guidance and execution of the Port Security Resiliency Assessment Program, and policy and guidance governing the use of the Maritime Security Risk Analysis Model
Apr 8, 2023 · Seaports function as lifeline systems in maritime transportation, facilitating critical processes like shipping, distribution, and allied cargo handling
These assessments are used by operators of ships and port